Filming & Photography

We employ the latest drone technology capable of filming in resolutions up to 4K at 60 frames per second and 20 Megapixel stills photography. We will tailor our services to the particular requirements of each project. Apex Drone Photography can produce a polished product using various leading software packages or raw footage straight from the camera.  

Commercial drone use is tightly regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. We adhere to this regulation to ensure that safety is paramount and that our commercial insurance policy remains valid. All of our projects are initially researched remotely prior to our commitment to undertake them. Typically, an accurate address of a potential site will allow us to determine any restrictions to flying. This may include its location relative to:

  • Congested Areas - cities, towns, retail outlets etc
  • Airports
  • Sensitive areas including nuclear power stations and prisons
  • Wildlife - bird sanctuaries
  • Military training grounds

This forms the basis of determining what is possible at the site and will give an indication of the costs involves. Each project is priced individually. Please see the Fee Structure page for details. For example, if a project demands that a road be temporarily closed for filming, then the cost of the project will be substantially increased.

Video Examples