Roof Inspection

10m Professional Carbon Fibre Mast


Although drones are very versatile, it is not practical to use them in all situations. For example, in busy densely populated areas or near to airports and nuclear power stations.

Versatile Camera Payload


Depending on the task, a variety of cameras can be mounted on the mast. Maximum weight is 2kgs at the full 10m height.

Fully Insured


Rest assured that all our ground based photography, including the use of masts, is insured by our £1M public liability policy.

Zoom For Detail


Depending on the camera in use, the image can be zoomed optically at the time of shooting, or digitally afterwards.

Access All Areas


The mast and camera can be angled to access most roofs.

Gutter Inspection


Some areas are just impossible to inspect from the ground. The mast system, for example, allows the client to see into guttering.